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Emergency Nurse Call Systems for Seniors

Emergency Call Systems

CareConnect wireless nurse call systems and wireless pendants give residents of senior living communities the security of knowing that help is close at hand if needed – but without getting in the way of day-to-day activities.

Safety Benefits

  • Automatic notification escalations sent to any cell phone, pager or email address
  • Discrete monitoring to silently alert staff to daily check-in/assurance anomalies
  • Integrated wander management features
  • Customized reporting – scheduled, on demand, detailed, general, etc.
  • 24/7 customer service with senior-trained representatives – available by dialing *123 from any CareConnect phone
  • Remote access to view reports, alerts and send messages
  • Text to voice technology that quickly sends reminders about medicine and other alerts.

CareConnect Advantages

  • Wireless pendants and pull cords for every resident
  • Automatic equipment and software updates
  • Campus-wide wireless pendant coverage – not just within rooms like typical systems
  • Commercial-grade paging and two-way radio systems included
  • Best-in-class technology, which makes them small, light, waterproof and extremely reliable
Emergency Nurse Call Systems for Seniors
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