CareConnect Mobile App for WI-FI Calling

CareConnect Ubiquity Mobile App

Telephone service at senior and assisted living communities is one of the most fundamental amenities both residents and staff have come to expect. That’s why providing telephone services for senior communities designed specifically with residents in mind is essential.

On top of senior-specific phone service within the community, many residents today plan to bring their mobile phones with them as they enter senior living environments. To meet this need, it’s important to look for ways to optimize their mobile experience with modern solutions.

At ESCO Technologies, we have developed CareConnect Ubiquity Mobile, a truly unprecedented mobile app specific to senior living communities, as a resource to improve mobile calling for seniors.

How CareConnect Ubiquity Mobile Works

CareConnect Ubiquity Mobile addresses some of the top issues residents and staff experience when using their mobile phone in their senior living community such as poor cellular coverage in the building. The Ubiquity Mobile App is easy to navigate and is unlike any other senior phone solution. How? It allows the user to access a Wi-Fi connection to make calls thus preserving the cellular network for times when Wi-Fi is not available.

Why You’ll Love CareConnect Ubiquity Mobile

The CareConnect Ubiquity Mobile App works around poor cell reception and saves residents and staff from using their cellular plan all by utilizing Wi-Fi calling, one of the leading advancements in the telecom industry. Benefits include:

  • Use Individual Wi-Fi or Community-Wide Wi-Fi Networks to make phone calls.
  • Use Your Smart Phone for both Business Users and Residents to make free calls through the CareConnect WiFi network.
  • Seamlessly Transfer Calls From Wi-Fi to Cellular if you move out of Wi-Fi Coverage area. (and visa versa)
  • Seamlessly Transfer Calls From Your Smart Phone to your home phone or desk phone or even to your tablet.
  • Place calls from your tablet using the Ubiquity Mobile App
  • Use the Included Call Manager to help with all of the features. It makes it easy to:
    – Transfer call
    – Make three way calls
    – Place calls on hold
    – And even record calls where local laws permit
  • Save Money on Your Cell Phone Plan by reducing your plan to minimum voice minutes.

Allow your residents and staff the freedom and convenience to make phone calls anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Not only does this improve common building cellular reception issues, it also helps residents and staff conserve their cellular plan minutes and texts. Contact us today to out more about telephone service for senior living communities and how to get started with CareConnect Ubiquity Mobile.

Ubiquity Mobile App
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