InteracTV Service - Designed for Seniors

CareConnect InteracTV

Let’s face it, TV is an important part of our lives. But if your senior living community is still stuck with cable or satellite TV, chances are good that neither you nor your residents are happy. In fact, in the most recent American Consumer Satisfaction Index, TV and Internet companies finished at the bottom among all industries..

Now there’s a better option. InteracTV is not typical television service; it’s television designed specifically with your residents in mind:

  • Fully interactive TV that lets residents access community services like restaurants, salons, valet service, and more – with their TV remote
  • Our exclusive lifesafety interface with eCall and emergency messaging
  • True 1080p high-definition picture delivery, without the need for new set-top boxes
  • TV and music channel lineups tailored to seniors
  • DVR capability
  • Fully customizable packages that can grow as you grow
  • Integrated with CareConnect phone service to offer caller ID, nurse call and more
  • A Customer Support Center that can troubleshoot, program favorite channels, change source selection and more – remotely, from our home office!
  • The option to provide our exclusive senior-friendly managed remote to help residents navigate their TV options and features more easily
  • And of course, the help or our onsite Technology Concierge to keep everyone happy.

InteracTV is the kind of TV service where residents can watch their favorite shows on the day they move in. Where they can browse the community channel to schedule appointments, view community events or even call local businesses and restaurants. Where neither you nor your residents have to deal with costly, time-consuming installations or maintenance.

In other words, InteracTV is precisely the kind of TV service your residents want, and you need.

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